A History of Western Washington Catholic Charismatic Renewal

 2002 marked the 25th anniversary of WWCCR. Here are a series of articles that were written for that Silver Jubilee to tell the story of WWCCR and the people that God has called to serve the Renewal in Western Washington.  

We will update and add these articles as we continue moving forward in the grace of the Holy Spirit!

Some Former Staff

Building Blocks in God's Kingdom!   As we have been reflecting on WWCCR’s thirty years of ministry, we recognize that the blessings and growth of Charismatic Renewal has happened because many individuals have shared their time, talent and treasure. This month we want...

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Then and Now: Responding to the Spirit

THEN WWCCR began in November of 1977 with a small desk, a phone and a box of used books. The desk was really small! We still have the desk in a corner of the office and it looks almost like a toy! In 1978, the first full year of WWCCR’s existence, we sponsored...

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Called to Evangelize

The word evangelize means to preach the gospel; to convert to Christianity. Evangelization is a key part of the Catholic Church and of charismatic renewal. In his Apostolic ExhortationEvangelii Nuntiandi, Pope Paul VI reminds us that “evangelizing is in fact the grace...

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Youth and the Spirit

Catholic Charismatic Renewal got its start with young people. During a Duquesne Universityretreat, many college students in their twenties experienced what we now call baptism in the Holy Spirit. Because those college students told their friends, and they told their...

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A History of WWCCR