A report by Kerry McMahon

Dwelling Place Healing Nights is a ministry of WWCCR that provides a place for participants to seek the Holy Spirit and an encounter with God. Through a serene environment before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, God’s healing power is truly present as He touches hearts, minds, and bodies. Our team is made up of hospitality ministers, intercessors, prayer servants, and prayer teams for private prayer. Mitch Roberts, Misty Tougas and I co-direct and lead these nights of ministry.

Upon entering the church, participants quietly sit and soak in God’s presence through beautiful music and an atmosphere of prayer. Prayer servants gently lay hands on the shoulders of attendees and many people experience God’s love. The team is open to how God wants to move and bless His children. Sometimes, through the power of the Holy Spirit, a certain scripture or Word of Knowledge will be shared from the front regarding healing that God desires to accomplish in our midst; occasionally this might include a specific name of a person our Lord wants to encourage. The Dwelling Place team spends a lot of time in prayer and discernment during the hours and days before the monthly healing nights. Our hope is to create a place for Jesus to bring life, wholeness, and love to those who are suffering from physical, spiritual and emotional ailments. Dwelling Place Healing Nights are where passionate, joy-filled believers gather to invite the presence of God and witness Him bring about restoration and healing.

All are welcome and there is no cost. We have been blessed over the last two years to witness firsthand many miracles and healings.

I call you by name:

Our team shared this amazing testimony: “About a year ago a woman came to Dwelling Place with her son. While sitting in the church and soaking in the deep presence of God’s love and glory, she heard her name called out from the front and the following words: “You are an exquisite flower and the Lord finds your scent intoxicating. He cannot wait to come into the garden of your soul…!” This message from God touched her heart deeply especially since she is a florist.

He cares about the small things

The first healing we witnessed came over two years ago as a result of asking the Lord how he wanted to bless his children for one particular evening; we immediately sensed the Lord say “I want to heal a broken heart from the death of a pet.” When this was shared during the Dwelling Place evening, a woman stood, feeling that the word was for her, and received prayer and healing for the death of a kitten that had deeply impacted her heart. How beautiful it is that God cares about all the things that wound us.

We have been blessed by many Dwelling Place attendees who have expressed deep and profound peace that has left them restored and filled with God’s love. It has been a great opportunity for those in healing ministry to step into the gifts they receive through the Holy Spirit, which they discovered through the School of Healing Prayer or other training. Although we have witnessed physical healings, it is the encounter with God and a deeper place of intimacy with Jesus that is the ultimate eternal healing He desires for each participant, and is what inspires us to continuing serving through these healing nights.

Kerry McMahon

Kerry McMahon

Kerry McMahon is currently serving on the WWCCR Board of Directors. She is a member of the Living Water Prayer Group at St. Pius X Church in Mountlake Terrace.