You are invited to a Mass with Prayers

for Healing and Empowerment

What is a Charismatic Healing Mass?

Masses with Prayers for Healing and Empowerment, sometimes called “Healing Masses,” are sponsored by WWCCR, by prayer groups, and parishes in various locations in the Archdiocese of Seattle. At these Masses we are focusing our attention on the healing power of God truly present at every celebration of the Eucharist.  These Masses:

  • are longer than a normal Sunday Mass, usually two hours or more.
  • encourage a heightened awareness of the power of the Holy Spirit at work in the Mass to transform and heal us.
  • are more outwardly expressive in praise and worship.
  • include possible manifestation of gifts of the Holy Spirit such as tongues, prophecy and words of knowledge.

Masses sponsored by groups other than WWCCR are marked with a “+”.

Have you experienced healing through the ministry at one of the events sponsored by WWCCR?

Please let us know what the Lord has done for you so that we can praise Him with you and tell others what good things He is doing in our midst.  Fill out the form below and let us know if we have your permission to share this at another event or in the GLEANINGS newsletter (you may remain anonymous, if you wish).

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