Submit Your Testimony for WWCCR’s 40th Anniversary Celebration!

How has the Holy Spirit changed YOUR life?

Dear Friends of WWCCR,

We are planning a big celebration for our 40-year Anniversary as a ministry!


As a part of that, we want to begin sharing testimonies – stories of how God has touched people’s lives with a transformative experience. Please prayerfully consider sharing your testimony as a source of hope, faith and inspiration for others. You may want to share an experience of healing, baptism in the Holy Spirit or an encounter with the Lord at any WWCCR-sponsored ministry or event. (For example, an experience at one of our Pentecost Celebrations, Masses with Prayers for Healing and Empowerment, Dwelling Place, Nights of Worship, etc.) Or, you may want to take a more general approach. Tell us how your life has changed! Our goal is to share several testimonies every month on our website and in our newsletter.


This is a first step. After receiving your submission, we will work with you to help create a publishable testimony – all you have to do is share your story! Thank you in advance!


        Sue Gallwas

Never written a testimony before? This worksheet is a step-by-step guide to tell your story:


Click to Download “Personal Testimony Worksheet.doc”


Submit Your Story Here:


  • Accepted file types: txt, doc, docx, rtf.