From Father Tony Bawyn on the Celebration of our 40th Anniversary

“Congratulations on your 40th anniversary, and may God continue to prosper the ministry of your office and the many members of the Catholic faithful who, alive in the Holy Spirit, continue to enrich the Church!” I am not certain when I was first introduced to WWCCR, but it is a pleasure to have been associated [...]

From Sue’s Heart – October 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters, My heart is bursting as I read these testimonies and recall my own journey in life in the Spirit. I have loved Jesus since I was six but in June of 2001 I fell in love with Jesus as the Holy Spirit stirred up the gifts of His Spirit in my [...]

“My Ministry and Call to the Priesthood Came Out of the Renewal”

Dear Friends, I attended my first prayer group at St. Luke’s when I was 15, in 1973. It seemed to be a normal part of what it meant to be Catholic. None of the spiritual gifts seemed unusual to me for I had an experience of the Holy Spirit that I later learned was the [...]

Words from the Praise and Worship Group Heights of Zion:

“We would not be where we are if it was not for the fervent prayer warriors behind WWCCR.” We are so grateful for the way the Lord has used WWCCR as a vessel to build a strong community of people of worship. Since the first Night of Worship until now, each one of us has [...]

My Dwelling Place Experience

by Gabby Herndon “After experiencing one of these nights, my heart was completely surrendered.” I first heard about WWCCR from a beautiful Holy Spirit encounter with a member who intercedes at Dwelling Place Healing Nights. I was intrigued and knew that I must go and check it out. After experiencing one of these nights, my [...]

Praise and Worship: My Favorite Part of WWCCR Events

“My favorite part of WWCCR events has always been the times of Praise and Worship. Whether it is at a Healing Mass, Women’s Retreat, Prayer Ministry class or a small prayer group, I love this special time of song. When we lift our hearts and voices together, the veil between heaven and earth thins, and [...]

Pat’s Book Corner: Celebrating a Charismatic Jubilee by Fr. Bob Hogan BBD

by Sharon Fox For over 25 years, our friend Pat Corwin played a significant role in the life of WWCCR by finding and reviewing key books for the spiritual growth for our GLEANINGS readers. In honor of her, may I present: Celebrating a Charismatic Jubilee A Fresh Look at Charismatic Renewal and the Charismatic Dimension [...]

The Healing Power of the Mass

by Debora Johnston For over 20 years WWCCR has offered Masses with prayers for healing coordinated by Jean Beers, Bobbie Brown and myself and with the help of priests both from our own archdiocese and from all around the world. These evenings always begin with Mass and inspirational faith-filled music creating an environment of peace [...]

Never Give Up! The Fruit of Patience and Prayer

by Lucille Hadden Happy 50 years of Charismatic Renewal, Church, and happy 40th Anniversary, WWCCR! At first sight, there is nothing in the small church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Kelso, Washington, to draw one in save the Blessed Sacrament, the crucifix, and a beautiful statue of the Immaculate Heart. All else is [...]

A Heart Transplant

by Virginia King The fruit of the Renewal in my life is the realization of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. When I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, Jesus gave me a “heart transplant” that changed my bitter, angry, wounded heart into a heart that could love with Jesus’ love. Because of this profound [...]

“I found healing and grew in the spiritual gifts …”

testimony by Jennifer Kowalewski “I would not be who I am today, free and healed and a disciple of Jesus Christ […] had God not reached me through WWCCR.” God changed the course of my life through WWCCR. I was a brand-new Christian when I attended my first WWCCR youth retreat at age 14. I [...]

Planting the Seeds of God’s Love

by Andrea Garcia Three or four years ago, I was at a friend’s house for a party and a young woman came up to me and asked me if I recognized her. She was in her late twenties and told me that, as a teenager, she was invited to a WWCCR Youth Retreat by a [...]