WE NEED YOU! Become a Volunteer!

Christ has no body now but yours

No hands, no feet on earth but yours

Yours are the eyes through which

He looks compassion on this world

Christ has no body now on earth but yours.

~ St. Teresa of Avila

Download the WWCCR Volunteer Questionnaire (or check the list below and call the WWCCR office: 206-364-2272) and discover all the ways God can use even your most simple gifts and skills in promoting His kingdom! 

Volunteers needed!

Can you share your time and talent with the WWCCR office? We have specific volunteer jobs that need “just the right person” to step forward to help us increase the fruitfulness of our ministry. Some jobs are short term and some need to be done regularly. Please look at the jobs below and let us know if you can volunteer for one of them.

Data base entry clerk – we need someone who is comfortable working on computers, who can spare about 4 hours each week, and who is willing to be trained to enter various kinds of data into our data base.

Mailing assembly crew – we need more helpers to fold and assemble GLEANINGS and other important items, in preparation for mailing. You would receive a call each time we need help, and would be able to say “yes” or “no” depending on your availability. This need comes up at least once a month for about 5 hours.

Packing, unpacking and cleaning crew – we need helpers who can be trained to pack supplies for various events, unpack after the event, and make sure things are put away properly and that lists of needed supplies are kept current. Time involved could be several hours at a time, and possibly several times a month. This would be a good job for someone who likes to organize things. You would receive a call each time we need help, and would be able to say “yes” or “no” depending on your availability.

Food preparation for meetings – several times a month, we have meetings at the office where we provide a simple meal or light refreshments for those who are meeting. You would be able to choose what to serve and we would reimburse you for ingredients. You could choose a particular meeting, or be on-call as the need arises. Advance notice would always be given.

Housekeeping after meetings – the “morning after” many of our monthly meetings at the office often requires some house cleaning – including washing dishes and vacuuming. One or two hours, once a week.

Tabernacle cleaneronce or twice a year, we need to have the brass on the tabernacle in our adoration chapel cleaned. This job takes about 4 hours total.

Yard & garden maintenanceseveral times a year, we need one or more people to do a thorough cleaning of the yard and garden surrounding the WWCCR building. Time required would depend on how many are helping.

Window washerabout 6 times a year we need to have someone wash the windows on the building, inside and out.

Download the WWCCR Volunteer Questionnaire and discover all the ways God can use even your most simple gifts and skills in promoting His kingdom!



Volunteers have always

played an important role

in the ministry of WWCCR.

Over the years, Bill Barth has helped us upgrade our office computers, installed our computer network, and helped us get connected with a DSL line. Scott Nixon starting helping us in 2003 to upgrade our software and some of our keyboards and monitors. Mike Solon joined us in 2004 to help with upgrading our database software.

For the mailing of the GLEANINGS newsletter, Bob Deleo usually comes in a day ahead to run the newsletter through our paper folder and begin collating the pages. Then on Monday the rest of the volunteers come in to get it ready for mailing. These volunteers include: Mike Beck, Pat Bennett, Genie Carlson, Mary Heckel, Catherine Holt, Zita Kaiser, Pat Mantow, LaVelle McGuire, Marge Seffernick, Jeanne Sagel, Nell Shay, John & Cecelia Swain, Margaret Winnie, and John Skomoroski.

Because we have a Eucharistic chapel, we are able to have Mass offered a few times a month (see the back of the calendar for schedule each month). Zita Kaiser and Kay Latta make reminder calls to those who are able to come to the Mass. Zita is also our faithful chapel cleaner. Kay Latta and Barbara Neiman have been working to keep our office clean and nice for our guests and visitors.

Bill Joyce, Mary Hearon and Theresa Jordon keep our small side yard weeded and filled with flowers. Other volunteers come and do fix-it projects around the office.

The list of volunteers that help at the conference and other events is too long to include here. So many have given time over the years to make this ministry of WWCCR possible. Many more volunteers are needed. Volunteers help us save money and give great service. Their work is so important and we appreciate and love them all. May God bless you all!