“Lord Jesus, we pray that these men, united to you through prayer and sacrament, may cooperate with You in building Your reign of mercy and truth, of justice and peace. Amen.” (adapted from Pope Francis) 


Please pray for these priests, deacons and seminarians these next two months:

Pray for Our Priests!

Your prayers are effective!

We received an email from a priest in our archdiocese in response to the monthly prayer column that you see below.  May this help you focus your prayers for each of our priests, deacons and seminarians.

Thank you for offering prayers for me.  I do have a number of prayer requests as you are able:

  • Help me to be a good pastor who is patient and a wise leader.
  • Help me to be a gentle and efficient confessor.
  • Help me to remain prayerful while celebrating the sacraments.
  • Help me to find joy and life in taking care of the administrative responsibilities of a parish and school.
  • Help me to be a good teacher and preacher of God’s word and will.
  • Help me to be a man of deep prayer.
  • Help me to remain hopeful in the face of obstacles.
  • Provide wisdom and clarity of God’s will for our community’s plans as we move towards the future regarding money and properties.
  • Help our staff to be effective in using our gifts for God’s ministry and always work together.
  • Help all those who lead ministries in our parish to be filled with faith, hope, love and a spirit of cooperation.


January 1    Pope Francis

January 2    Archbishop J. Peter Sartain

January 3    Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, MSpS

January 4    Bishop Daniel H. Mueggenborg

January 5    Fr. Jim Northrop

January 6    Fr. Patrick W. Freitag

January 7    Fr. Andrzej J. Galant, Dcn. Louis Cunningham

January 8    Fr. Richard J. Gallagher

January 9    Fr. David Gese

January 10  Fr. Vincent M. Gilmore, Dcn. Justin Ryan

January 11  Fr. Patrick R. Godley, Dcn. Clark Goecker

January 12  FFr. Emilio R. Gonzalez, Dcn. Gerald Graddon

January 13  Fr. Jerry D. Graham

January 14  Fr. Chad S. Green, Dcn. Jeffrey Greer

January 15  Fr. Armando Guzmán

January 16  Fr. Mark A. Guzman, Dcn. Anh Tran

January 17  Fr. Louis Gyan-Emil

January 18  Fr. Bradley R. Hagelin, Dcn. Bill Haines

January 19  Fr. W. R. Harris, Dcn. Frank (Tom) Hawkins

January 20  Fr. Richard K. Hayatsu, Dcn. Bill Hamlin

January 21  Fr. Anthony J. Haycock, Matthew Newland (seminarian)

January 22  Fr. Kenneth W. Haydock

January 23  Fr. Raymond J. Heffernan, Matthew Nguyen (seminarian)

January 24  Fr. Joseph Heffernan

January 25  Fr. Jarlath M. Heneghan, Marc Jenkins (seminarian)

January 26  Fr. Peter J. Henriot

January 27  Fr. William J. Heric, Andrew Hollands (seminarian)

January 28  Fr. Armando Hernandez

January 29  Fr. Bryan L. Hersey

January 30  Fr. Francis Mau Van Ho, Val Park (seminarian)

January 31  Fr. Phuong V. Hoang


February 1     Pope Francis

February 2     Archbishop J. Peter Sartain

February 3     Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, MSpS

February 4     Bishop Daniel H. Mueggenborg

February 5     Fr. Jim Northrop

February 6    Fr. Christopher A. Hoiland

February 7    Fr. John the Baptist Kwang Chol Hong

February 8    Archbishop Emeritus Raymond G. Hunthausen, D.D.

February 9    Fr. Timothy W. Ilgen

February 10  Fr. Caleb M. Insco, Ben Bray (seminarian)

February 11  Fr. John A. Jennings

February 12  Fr. Paul Je Deok Jeon, Dcn. Larry Jesmer

February 13  Fr. James O. Johnson, Dcn. Fred Johnson

February 14  Fr. Clarence E. Jones, Dcn. Dave Jones

February 15  Fr. Bernard F. Jonientz

February 16  Fr. P.A. Kaech

February 17  Fr. Jean Pierre Kasonga, Tyler Johnson (seminarian)

February 18  Fr. Negusse Fesseha Keleta, Dcn. Patrick Kelley

February 19  Fr. Lino Hyun-Gyu Kim, Dcn. Dennis Kelly

February 20  Fr. Mark M. Kiszelewski, Dcn. Larry Kheriaty

February 21  Fr. Richard Klepac

February 22  Fr. Ronald W. Knudsen

February 23  Fr. Joseph A. Kramis, Dcn. Richard Labrecque

February 24  Fr. Stephen C. Lantry, Dcn. Loren Lane

February 25  Fr. Derek J. Lappe, Carlos Orozco (seminarian)

February 26  Fr. Leo J. Larrivee

February 27  Fr. Jan R. Larson, Thomas Tran (seminarian)

February 28  Fr. Gary F. Lazzeroni