“Lord Jesus, we pray that these men, united to you through prayer and sacrament, may cooperate with You in building Your reign of mercy and truth, of justice and peace. Amen.” (adapted from Pope Francis) 


Please pray for these priests, deacons and seminarians these next two months:

Pray for Our Priests!

Your prayers are effective!

We received an email from a priest in our archdiocese in response to the monthly prayer column that you see below.  May this help you focus your prayers for each of our priests, deacons and seminarians.

Thank you for offering prayers for me.  I do have a number of prayer requests as you are able:

  • Help me to be a good pastor who is patient and a wise leader.
  • Help me to be a gentle and efficient confessor.
  • Help me to remain prayerful while celebrating the sacraments.
  • Help me to find joy and life in taking care of the administrative responsibilities of a parish and school.
  • Help me to be a good teacher and preacher of God’s word and will.
  • Help me to be a man of deep prayer.
  • Help me to remain hopeful in the face of obstacles.
  • Provide wisdom and clarity of God’s will for our community’s plans as we move towards the future regarding money and properties.
  • Help our staff to be effective in using our gifts for God’s ministry and always work together.
  • Help all those who lead ministries in our parish to be filled with faith, hope, love and a spirit of cooperation.


September 1     Pope Francis

September 2     Archbishop J. Peter Sartain

September 3     Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, MSpS

September 4     Bishop Daniel H. Mueggenborg

September 5     Fr. Jim Northrop

September 6     Fr. Steve Sallis, Dcn. E. Jerome Sadler, Dcn. Ron San Nicolas

September 7     Fr. Ramon Santa Cruz

September 8     Fr. Timothy J. Sauer, Joseph Tapia-Beeman (seminarian)

September 9     Fr. Rajasekar Savarimuthu, Dcn. Anh Tran

September 10   Fr. Milhton H. Scarpetta, Jacob Hayden (seminarian)

September 11   Fr. Frank R. Schuster, Dcn. Justin Ryan

September 12   Fr. Sebastin Santhosh Sebastian

September 13   Fr. Dennis C. Sevilla, Dcn. Tim Shamrell

September 14   Fr. Patrick R. Sherrard, Dcn. Mark Shine, Dcn. Joe Shriver

September 15   Fr. Jack D. Shrum, Dcn. Joseph Sifferman

September 16   Fr. Vinner Raj Simeon Raj, Dcn. Lloyd Snider

September 17   Fr. Richard J. Spicer, Dcn. Louis Cunningham

September 18   Fr. Aloysius G. Ssensamba

September 19   Fr. Mark A. Stehly, Val Park (seminarian)

September 20   Fr. Michael J. Stinson

September 21   Fr. Todd O. Strange, Chad Hill (seminarian)

September 22   Fr. Mel V. Strazicich

September 23   Fr. Thomas J. Suss, Dcn. Bill Swanson

September 24   Fr. Stephen J. Szeman, Dcn. Mirek Sztajno

September 25   Fr. Binh Ta, C.SS.R., Dcn. Mike Teskey

September 26   Fr. Brian D. Thompson, Kyle Poje (seminarian)

September 27   Fr. Francis K. Thumbi, John Tomassi (seminarian)

September 28   Fr. Jaime M. Tolang, Dcn. Bill Townsend

September 29   Fr. Phuong D. Tran

September 30   Fr. Vu P. Tran


October 1     Pope Francis

October 2     Archbishop J. Peter Sartain

October 3     Bishop Eusebio Elizondo, MSpS

October 4     Bishop Daniel H. Mueggenborg

October 5     Fr. Jim Northrop

October 6     Fr. Anthony Lan Tran

October 7     Fr. William Treacy, Dcn. Asipeli Tuifua

October 8     Fr. Patrick J. Twohy

October 9     Fr. Jose Ugalde

October 10   Fr. Fidelis Umukoro

October 11   Fr. Tom L. Vandenberg, Dcn. Gene Vanderzanden

October 12   Fr. Michael Wagner, Dcn. Dick Wallace

October 13   Fr. John R. Walmesley

October 14   Fr. Dick J. Ward, Dcn. Jack Warfield

October 15   Fr. Gary C. Weisenberger

October 16   Fr. Edward G. White

October 17   Fr. John D. Whitney, Michael Barbarossa (seminarian)

October 18   Fr. Nicholas F. Wichert

October 19   Fr. John J. Wilkie, Greg Snyder (seminarian)

October 20   Fr. James A. Williams, Dcn. Stephen Wodzanowski

October 21   Fr. Stephen S. Woodland

October 22   Fr. Gerald L. Woodman

October 23   Fr. Michael H. Wright

October 24   Fr. Horacio V. Yanez, Dcn. Joua Pao Yang

October 25   Fr. David H. Young

October 26   Fr. Reynaldo T. Yu, Dcn. Joseph Yuen

October 27   Fr. James D. Zakowicz, O.C.D., Dcn. Gary Zellmer

October 28   Fr. Gary M. Zender, Dcn. Matt Zuanich

October 29   Fr. Peter Adoko-Enchill, Dcn. Scott Aikin

October 30   Fr. J. Gerardo Alberto, Dcn. David P. Alcorta, Dcn. Dan Allen, Dcn. Ronald H. Allen

October 31   Fr. Joseph F. Altenhofen